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Futsal: Copa America: Brazil, champions

Pito and Rafa Santos gave Brazil victory in the American Futsal Cup final against Argentina (2-0). In this way, the “Canarinha” wins its eleventh continental title after winning the seventh final in eight competitions against the Argentines.

Argentina had the chance to draw However, a side kick in the 28th minute saw the ball go straight into the Brazilian goal, without anyone touching the ball and without the possibility of review via video arbitration.

The ‘Albiceleste’ tried until the end Insert a player-goalkeeper, but without Matas Lucuix’s men managing to equalize Pito’s goal. He tried to the point of exhaustion, as Mati Rosa’s picture shows, but the last ball of the game was lost to Argentina and ElPozo Murcia player Rafa Santos was condemned.

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