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Preliminary decision missed several times: Hertha gives up victory against Karlsruhe

As of: November 11th, 2023 10:58 p.m

Berlin’s Hertha stumbled on its way up in the second division. The capital club initially came from behind against Karlsruher SC, but then gave up the win on Saturday evening (November 11th, 2023) – in the end it was a fair 2-2.

“We wasted 25 minutes at the beginning, that’s not possible”Hertha coach Pal Dardai said afterwards: “We saved ourselves with mentality, had enough chances – and in the end we could even lose.”

Initially the game in the Olympic Stadium went in favor of the guests. In a rather chaotic defensive situation after a corner, Deyovaisio Zeefuik – pressed by Jerome Gondorf – maneuvered the ball into his own goal in the 10th minute.

Reese surprises Drewes

Karlsruhe was not undeservedly leading at this point, but failed to add decisively. So the Berliners equalized after half an hour out of absolutely nowhere: coach’s son Marton Dardai initiated the attack, then Fabian Reese headed the left cross from a long distance over the bewildered KSC keeper Patrick Drewes into the far corner – 1: 1.

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The Berliners took the lead before the break – and again Drewes didn’t look particularly brilliant. After his failed clearance in the 42nd minute, Haris Tabakovic kept the ball in play with his heel, while in the center Florian Niederlechner headed the ball over the line to make it 2-1.

Reese misses that Preliminary decision

And Drewese remained at the center of the action even after the break. After an hour, his bad pass in the build-up game landed at Reese, who overlooked his free-standing colleagues in the center and finished himself – the ball bounced back into the field from the inside post.

And the Berliners had further chances and now clearly dominated the KSC. But following a brilliant pass from Smail Prevljak, Tabakovic (78th) missed the potential 3-1, as did Pascal Klemens shortly afterwards after Tabakovic’s pass.

Compensation by Jensen

As is so often the case in football, this usury of opportunities took its toll. In the 81st minute, Gondorf fed Leon Jensen, who immediately looked for a shot. The Berliners Marc-Oliver Kempf and Toni Leistner wanted to save, but only deflected the ball, so that Tjark Ernst ultimately had no chance in the Hertha goal – 2:2. Afterwards, both teams played to win, so in the end the division of points was quite okay.

Hertha in Hanover, KSC welcomes Nuremberg

Hertha BSC opens the 14th matchday away at Hannover 96 (Friday, December 24th, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.). Karlsruhe hosts 1. FC Nürnberg two days later (1:30 p.m.).

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