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Soroush is Biranvand’s latest big supporter

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March 21, 1402 at 02:45


He saved the gate of Persepolis many times;

Soroush Rafiei believes Alireza Biranvand is not to blame for Persepolis’ goal against Aluminum.

According to Sport Seh, fans of this team met with strong protest against Alireza Biranvand’s performance and his mistakes in Persepolis’ two games against Aluminum and Foolad, and they considered this national goalkeeper as the main culprit for Persepolis’ opening goal, criticizing him. .

Soroush Rafiei spoke to reporters today. In response to a question about Alireza Biranvand and fans’ criticism, he defended this goalkeeper.


Rafiei said about Biranund’s mistakes in two games: Ali made no mistakes in the Arak game and the aluminum player had a good overview. However, this rarely happens. Our goalkeeper was right. Ali was in the right place in terms of football and the player had a good overview and a good shot at that moment. In the same game, one of the Foulad players tried to do this, but Ali succeeded.

He further said: Football is full of mistakes. I scored myself. Since Ali saved our goal many times, made the fans happy and led this team to win championships, he might make a mistake one day. Both Ali and the other goalkeepers in their positions try to do their best for their team’s success.

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