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Futsal: “Insanity” with the player goalkeeper

The use of the player goalkeeper to prevent the games It is a weapon that has divided the coaching community between supporters and opponents since its use in 2006.

A debate that even Pedro Vicente Vila made possible In 2014, he presented a doctoral thesis at the University of Vigo entitled “The influence of the goalkeeper’s participation as a field player on the offensive effectiveness of a futsal team”.

For Duda, coach of Jimbee Cartagena, and for Juanlu Alonso, coach of Quesos El Hidalgo Manzanares, there is no debate. Both use it, as was shown in their duel in the Sports Palace.

The 36th minute was reached with a tie at two o’clock after the gates of Saura and Lucao for the locals; Antoito and Cortes. With Ral Campos as the player goalkeeper for the La Mancha team, Antoito made it 2-3, which would have been final, but a goal from Motta, who was the player goalkeeper, equalized the score after 45 seconds.

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