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The Khuzestan land problem was resolved before Persepolis

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December 26, 1402 at 4:23 p.m


The General Director of Sports and Youth of Khuzestan inspected the latest condition of the stadium by visiting the team’s training ground before Esteghlal Khuzestan’s match against Persepolis.

According to the report of “Varzesh Se”, the General Director of Sports and Youth of Khuzestan said while visiting the Ghadir Ahvaz Stadium this morning: “Considering the fact that there is the necessary space in the Ghadir Ahvaz complex, part of this Location available.” was provided to the Esteghlal Club of Khuzestan. We decided to solve the problem of their training ground.

Hamid Bani Tamim stated that unlike in the past when the discussion on building a training ground for Esteghlal Club of Khuzestan failed several times, this time it is on the agenda, he added: With the request of the Esteghlal Club of Khuzestan to have a grassy area suitable for training and with the coordination of the general department of sports and youth of the province, it was decided that the desired area will be provided to them so that they can use it by completing and constructing it yourself.

The General Manager of Khuzestan Sports and Youth stated regarding the match between Esteghlal Khuzestan and Persepolis in the 13th week of the Premier League: The Electricity Department ensures the lighting of the Ghadir Stadium and the municipality and other institutions also do their work so that we can witness a dignified event at the Ghadir Stadium.

He continued by stating that I wish the independence of Khuzestan every success. I hope that, together with the beautiful games of this team, there will be a conclusion in the end.


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