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Futsal: Pescados Rubn Burela, for the WEC

Pescados Rubón Burela left Arriva AD Alcorcón no option and was declared winter storage after defeating Rayo Majadahonda AFAR 4 FSF with a resounding 7-1. Both Burelenses and Alcorconeras, who beat Legans in the Madrid derby (7-0), have done their homework and it seems that Julio Delgado’s side will demand a lot from their rivals if they want to prevent them from repeating the league title.

After consolidating its position in the league, Pescados Rubón Burela faces the WEC dispute (Women’s European Championship), an unofficial European club championship that starts on Tuesday and which the Lugo team has already won in 2021, also in Burela. They will make their debut on Tuesday (8:30 p.m.) against the Dutch FC Marlne. Their rival on Wednesday will be the all-powerful Portuguese SL Benfica (6:00 p.m.), who complete the previous group on Thursday (8:30 p.m.) against Italy’s Bitonto C5 Femminile. The grand final between the two winners of this preliminary round will take place on Friday the 22nd at 8:00 p.m.

Burela celebrates the winter championshipRUBN BURELA FISH


Melilla City Sport Torreblanca 3-2 STV Roldn

AE Les Corts UBAE 3-2 MRB Mstoles FSF

ENCE Marn Futsal 0-5 Poio Pescamar

Atlético Navalcarnero 3-2 Nueces de Ronda At. Torcal

LBTL Futsal Alcantarilla 3-3 Ourense on time

Fish Rubn Burela 7-1 Rayo Majadahonda AFAR 4 FSF

FSF Castro blocks Cando 4-1 Viaxes Amarelle

Arriva Alcorcon 7-0 Legans

At the top of the ranking, the first four (Pescados Rubón Burela, Arriva AD Alcorcón, Melilla Ciudad del Deporte Torreblanca and Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero) do not fail and, after their defeat, open a gap on the fifth (MRB Mestoles FSF).

Below: FSF Castro Blocks Cando, AE Les Corts UBAE (with two wins) and Ourense Ontime, who were level on points, are taking a big step towards the quiet middle zone.

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