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The sailor’s reaction to the breakup of Mehdi Tartar

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06 Sep 1402 at 00:28


The CEO of the Melvan Club denied the rumor that the team’s head coach was changing to Foolad.

According to Varzesh Se, Khuzestan Steel Club was considering ways to replace Alireza Mansourian who decided to sack him and it was reported that one of them was Mehdi Tartar, the current head coach of Melvan Anzali, but the Melvan Club soon expressed his opposition. With this announced transfer.

In an interview with our reporter in Gilan, Arash Fahmideh, CEO of Melvan Anzali Club said: Firstly, this is unofficial news and Mr. Tartar is currently the head coach of our team. He will stay and continue his work there Melvan they carry on

He reminded: secondly, under the new regulations, a coach is not allowed to sign a contract with two teams in one season, and at the same time, Mr. Tartar’s plans this year only apply to the sailor, and he has no plans other than the sailor’s success and creating those margins after our success in the game with Foolad. And our high-profile win against this team came while the team has reached the Shore of Peace.

The CEO of Melvan Anzali Club added: “The sidekicks are trying to instill fear among our team’s fans, which is not true at all, and we are all thinking about Tuesday’s game against Golgohar Sirjan.”

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