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With the golden generation, the impossible mission is accomplished!

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February 13, 1402 at 00:25


A big sign to reach the fourth cup;

It was heartbreaking to be able to stand behind the penalty after almost 140 minutes of overwhelming pressure in the Iran-Syria game.

According to “Varzesh Se”, the game between Iran and Syria should not be a draw. The experts expressed great confidence in the national team’s success against Syria and assumed that the match of the round of 16 of the 2023 Nations Cup will not be a place where Amir Qalanewi and his students will encounter problems.

On the other hand, there were some who warned about the national team’s game against Hector Cooper and his students, who scored only one goal against Australia and Uzbekistan, two serious contenders for the tournament, and predicted that this seemingly simple game would be difficult .


When the game started, it seemed that the first group’s hypothesis would be more correct, but the longer the game passed, the more difficult it became for the players of the Iranian national team, and when the whistle sounded for the end of extra time, we were faced with the Tarami was sent off when the referee sounded and many football fans in Iran thanked God that we didn’t concede a goal in the game against Syria.


The national team with the golden generation available to Amir Qalanewi and his assistants did not have to fight like that against Syria. No matter how much time passed in the game and they scored the equalizer and then their attacks caused the expulsion of the Iranian star, the defeat against Syria was no longer a surprise and the players of this team believed that they could be eliminated Iran will be out of the tournament very soon retire. .


The game, which went to penalties, was an unwitting repeat of the failures of the previous rounds of this tournament. From the defeat against Saudi Arabia in the semi-finals in 1996 to the defeat in China in 2004 with this worthy generation; From Amir Qalanewi’s loss to South Korea to the 2015 Nations Cup and the epic game against Iraq that ended in defeat. Will the current generation of Iranian football say goodbye to the Nations Cup at the top with penalty shootouts?


With this in mind, by reviewing all these reasons and bitter events of the past, we have been waiting for the selection of the five penalty takers for the national team. Stress and anxiety increased by the minute, and given the events of the game, which showed the higher spirit of Syria and the irregular performance of the Iranian national team, there was a fear of ruining the penalty shootout. Meanwhile, the fact that Syria was a weaker team than Iran made the national players’ work in the penalty shootout even more difficult.


However, all these worries disappeared when Karim Ansarifard scored the national team’s first penalty. The No. 10 of the national team converted the first shot, which was very important for the team spirit, into a goal with a confident shot. Then Karim went to Biranvand and asked him to do his usual work.

Ramin Rezaian, Omid Ebrahimi, Mehdi Torabi and Ehsan Hajsafi were the other 4 penalties of the national team, who were able to better perceive the heavy responsibility placed on them than Biranvand by taking one of the penalties of the Syrian players Prepare to that the national team reaches the quarter-finals and escapes the difficult situation against Syria.


In achieving this victory, the role of the technical staff in the selection of penalty takers can be praised, in particular the appearance of Omid Ebrahimi and Mehdi Torabi on the pitch to take the penalty, but the main weight of the success against Syria lies in a difficult night should be assigned to the national players. The players who have shown that they are at the peak of their maturity and preparation, and all the small and large events of the game against Syria cannot affect their spirit.


Before the start of the Asian Cup, it was mentioned several times that the current generation of football, which is considered one of the best generations in the history of Iranian football, will experience its last Asian and World tournament together, as well as the national team will be allowed to participate in the World Cup 2026, although there will be significant changes. This generation has shown that it is ready to create a historic event and host the fourth Iranian Football Championship in Asia. It seems that this goal is achievable in Qatar. Of course, if the players and the technical staff, led by Amir Ghalenoui, learn from all the events they have experienced on and off the field in the past few days and do not allow the burden of negative events surrounding the national team to affect them positive exceeds load.


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