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Futsal: Silvia Aguete; Mayte Mateo, Peque, Irene Samper and Dany Domingos, the best quintet in the league

Today the ideal quintet for the Primera Iberdrola was announced selected by the Association of Indoor Football Players (AJFS) in collaboration with the Spanish Football Federation and in which the football players themselves took part.

And the winners would form a rotation of Cludia Pons in the national team: Silvia Aguete (Melilla Ciudad del Deporte Torreblanca), as best goalkeeper; Mayte Mateo (STV Roldn) best finish. As right wing Peque (Pescados Rubn Burela, this season Arriva AD Alcorcn FSF); Left winger Irene Samper (Pescados Rubn Burela) and best center forward. Dany Domingos (Pescados Rubn Burela).

Together with them the revelation player, Laura Fernández Martn from Ejido, who is in her fourth season in the ranks of STV Roldán Laura Fernández Martn.

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