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Futsal: A suspicious game ends 60-0: Exceeds the average of 33 goals and wins the championship

ANDHe Benaventea Portuguese futsal team punished with disqualification300 euros and the Waste of the first division of the district of Santarm after the Defeat he suffered 60-0 against Mao in May 2023.

The party was denounced “The unimaginable result for a normal futsal game” and for Benavente showing up to the game with just three players (two of them youth players).

The Football Association (AF) announced the sanction against Benavente as the club breached “numbers 1 and 2”. of article 69 and paragraph 2 of article 49, both of the Disciplinary Code of the Associao de Futebol de Santarm”.

Benavente showed up to the game with only three players

Benavente claimed that the game schedule change prevented the remaining players from participating in the game.

The 60-0 allowed Mao to break the “average” of 33 goals and win the league

Mao’s 60-0 win over Benavente allowed Mao to win the championship.

To become champions, Mao must beat Benavente and close a 33-goal difference over Vitria de Santarm. He had 27 left.

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