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Futsal: Ana Eliza replaces Jozi Oliveira

Ana Eliza Ribeiro de Oliveira “Ana Eliza”, born in Passa-Qatro (Minas Gerais, Brazil) In 2000, she rejoined the Pescados Rubén Burela FS women’s team after playing on loan for Viaxes Amarelle in the first round. The Brazilian goalkeeper will compete with Caridad between the sticks following the sad departure of legendary goalkeeper Jozi Oliveira to Italy.

Ana Eliza comes enthusiastically as her flag: “I think that I can bring my great enthusiasm for improving in sports as a professional player, my desire to work every day to achieve great sporting goals together with Burela Ftbol Sala, knowing what I am of can learn from every single one of the greats.” professionals who play in this club.

On the other hand, the Hotel Nords de Burela will host the honor on Saturday after the game at Jozi Oliveira, with popular prizes for those who want to attend.

on the other hand

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