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Futsal: Spain is not free from the plague of injuries

Spain is playing the two most important games in its recent international history: those that will be played next Friday 15th against the Czech Republic in Albacete; and on Tuesday, December 20 (6:30 p.m.) against Italy in Faenza. Two games in which the team has to buy a ticket for the 2024 World Cup in Uzbekistan.

It’s not easy for Albert Canillas and Fede Vidal to put together a list with which to play these important games. Of the first 14 players called up, Juanjo Catela was first to fall after suffering a fracture in the scaphoid bone of his right foot, which will keep him out for at least two months. His position was filled by Cortés from Quesos El Hidalgo, becoming the third representative of the Manzanares alongside Captain Ral Campos and Juan Emilio.

That was on Thursday, while on Friday Adolfo was the one who left the team for these duels, with a fibrillar tear in the adductor longus muscle, whose recovery the club would assess on a game-by-game basis. In this way, Bara won the winter championship yesterday after defeating World Heritage Crdoba (2-1), returning with Pito’s goals with six first team players: Ddac Plana, Dyego, Andr Coelho, Pito, Antonio Prez and Erick Mendona and five from the reserve team: Aniol, Tour, Kokoro, Adri Tapias and Pau Lpez. Adolfo was replaced by Movistar Inter’s Ral Gmez, who returned to the roster.

At the end of the day, the Federation announced the call of Pablo Ramírez, Leader of Jimbee Cartagena, facing the possible loss of a teammate, which will be confirmed tomorrow. In the Pvots chapter yesterday, Juan Emilio played with Quesos El Hidalgo Manzanares; and Jess Gordillo made it to Thursday’s Intercontinental Cup final. The mystery will be solved shortly.

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