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Futsal: UMA Antequera: Nine games for a miracle

UMA Antequera is the leader of the second division. with a seven point lead and a game more ahead of second place Wanapix Sala 10 Zaragoza and 22 points ahead of sixth place O Parrulo, although also with a game more. With these numbers, the Tete teams are practically guaranteed to take part in the “playoffs” for promotion to the First Division if they do not achieve it directly.

But the nine games they still have to play: five out (O Parrulo, CD Legans Bara Atltic, Wanapix 10 Sala Zaragoza and Pescados Rubn Burela) and four at home (Melistar Futsal, Unin Africa Ceut, Inagroup El Ejido and UD Ibiza Gasifred Ciutat D’Eivissa) have become a challenge for the Malaga- Antequerano team

Everything according to the rector of the University of Malaga, Teodomiro López Navarrete initially prevented the indoor football club from entering the university facilities and then decided to cut all ties with the club that in recent years has borne the name of the University of Málaga and the northern city. from the province.

Last Saturday the UMA Antequera players They received the full support of their fans, which various organizations in the province joined. The subsidies provided by the Antequera City Council are helping them cope with the situation, but the problems they face could leave a team that can achieve its fifth promotion and has already won the Copa del Rey ahead of one uncertain future.

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