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Futsal: WEC: Pescados Rubn Burela strokes the final

QEscados Rubn Burela put his presence on track in the WEC (Women’s European Championship) final after his victory against SL Benfica (3-1), with goals from Emily (two) and Irene Samper for the Lugo team, which surpassed Raquel’s goal.

The worst news of the afternoon for Julio Delgado’s team is Dany’s injury, which is why the Lugo team is still waiting to see his condition.

With this victory to the people of Lugo It is enough for them to win or draw tomorrow against the Italian Bitonto C5 Femminile (20:30) and even lose by no more than two goals, since the place in the final is between the Italians (now -1), Benfica ( -1, which cannot be improved) and Pescados Rubn Burela (+2).

Yesterday the Italians won 13-0 to FC Marlene from the Netherlands. The Dutch play against SL Benfica tomorrow (6:30 p.m.).

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